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Teamwork Is Key

Who am I ?


I am a person who has dedicated my entire life to creation. It began as a teen, when I designed my first home –and this was not a napkin sketch, but an entire set of working drawings. That home began construction when I was fourteen. Inspired further, I studied at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin, and from there I apprenticed in Scottsdale and eventually opened my own practice.


Successful architecture is the result of a great team. Sounds corny, but it‘s true. As the leader of the team, I will listen to your goals, and spend numerous hours creating the proper ‘recipe’. If the chef, or anyone else can’t read the recipe, or if the ingredients are switched out, the result can taste really bad. It’s my job to oversee the process from start to finish, thus providing necessary input and guidance for the entire team.


For most people, the language of architecture can be mysterious. Plans are hard to understand and technical –and usually meant for the building trade, not for the client. So I have developed a simple, common language for my clients. The intention of this is to clarify the design and eliminate ‘surprises’ not only for you and me, but for the entire team as well.